The Laundress Cashmere Shampoo | 475ml

The Laundress Cashmere Shampoo | 475ml

$27.95 AUD

The Laundress Cashmere & Wool Shampoo is formulated to be gentle on natural fibres such as wool, merino and of course, cashmere. It thoroughly cleans while preserving the soft and delicate nature of your knitwear to ensure it lasts for decades to come. With a soft blended scent of sandalwood, orange and cedar; this shampoo is a must have to ensure the longevity of your Banjo & Matilda sweaters. Plus, the cedar fragrance keeps any moths or pests away. 

  • Made with nontoxic, biodegradable, and allergen-free natural ingredients.
  • Ingredients: Concentrated blend of plant-derived anionic and nonionic surfactants, essential oils, and fragrance.
  • Free of petroleum, SLS, phosphate, phthalates, and dye.
  • Cruelty-free. No animal by-products.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 475ml Bottle.

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