The Beach Pant





Introducing the

Beach Pants

Well-known by fashion-insiders as the best fitting cashmere pants around, we have Big Love for our customer favourite, the Beach Pant..





280 grams of tightly knitted cashmere yarn that doesn't lose its shape.

Knitted pants are inherantly less durable than, say cotton, but our Beach Pants have been designed and constructed in a way that makes them just as long-lasting as a chino. 

flattering design detail.

Using a 12 gauge stitch for strength in the knee and backside, and  non-roll waistband with a sporty drawstring, the pockets and cinched ankle cuff make these pants as flattering as they are comfortable.

travel & leisure.

Long-haul flights will never be the same now that you have found your ultimate travel partner.  Perfect to roll into your carry-on, or throw them on with your favourite cashmere sweater and you'll exit the plane chic and neat.


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