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The Beach Pant. Our coveted 100% cashmere jogger style pant has been a core item designed by us since the start of Banjo & Matilda. Great for travelling, day-to-day errands, or just lounging around in pure luxury; it's definitely one of our favourites too. 
We receive lots of questions about the Beach Pants - here are the answers to give you everything you need to know about them. 
What is the fit like?
They are a semi-relaxed fit with a drawstring waist and a tapered leg. Not overly baggy but slightly loose around the hips and thighs for extra comfort.
How long are they on an “average” height?
Honestly, we fit our garments on a range of women to ensure they fit everyone, including ourselves. They are designed to fit an “average” height (163-165cm) with enough slouch in the leg. The ribbed ankle cuff can easily be pulled up or down if needed. Of course, email us if you need specific measurements.
What size should I wear? 
They fit true to size so get your usual pants size if you'd like them to fit perfectly. For a more slouchy look, size up. Don't worry, they won't be TOO baggy as the discrepancy between sizing isn't too big. Email us if you'd like specific measurements or more advice.
Is the fit on all the colours of the Beach Pants the same?
Yes, the fit is the same across all the colours we have available. 
What fabrication are they?
100% Cashmere, of course. And 100% comfortable.
What can they be worn with? 
The Beach Pant are surprisingly versatile. Wear them with a slouchy tee and sneakers for everyday, and slip on a pair of pumps to make them a little dressier. They also look great with a silk top for a good balance. 
Do they stretch?
As with all knitwear, the Beach Pants will give a little in areas with lots of movement and pressure such as the knees. However they don't stretch out a very noticeable amount. 
Which colour should I get?
They are always available in Black, Grey and Navy which are our core colours. However we do produce them in limited quantities so they sell out very quickly! We also release them in seasonal colours sometimes so it really depends on what you have, and what colours you like to wear. The Black is super versatile, the Grey is just such a cosy colour and the Navy is chic and sophisticated. Why stop at one? 
 beach pants greybeach pants black
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Still unsure? Talk to us on Live Chat or email us on We're sure once you get them, you'll love the Beach Pants. They're a core essential, and have been for the past 8 years for a reason. xx