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Meet Tanja Gacic, the Croatian born, Sydney based writer, stylist, mum & Vogue Oz contributor. After an incredible 17 years in the modelling industry Tanja now spends her days jetsetting around the world (When we last spoke with her she was in Sydney for 3 days between holidaying in Bangkok and a work trip to Hamilton Island), collaborating with some of the worlds biggest luxury brands (In 2013 she collaborated with Louis Vuitton and their Alma Bag...) and raising her beautiful daughter, Coco Valentine.

Here she chats with us about personal style, family, holidays, the perfect cashmere sweater & finding her work/life balance.

What gets you out of bed every morning?
I'd like to say something inspiring like "seizing the day"... But it's usually either my cat or my daughter jumping on me! 

Most rewarding part of what you do?
I love fashion, I truly do. The most rewarding part is seeing designers evolve and when new collections come out. It gets me so excited! In addition, when a shoot comes out particularly well, it gives me a thrill.

Describe your personal style.
It's really all over the place. There is not one set style I adhere to. I feel like I have many personalities living inside me and it's all about which one takes over on the day. There are so many different ways of dressing I find appealing. I can't choose! I'm too much of a magpie! 

What inspires your personal style at the moment?
Anything from Gucci / vintage inspired to mannish / suits juxtaposed with pretty delicate lace. And I always love cashmere everything or a beautiful dress... 

What song do you have on repeat at the moment?
I'm loving Pink + White by Frank Ocean or King City by Majid Jordan. 

Favourite places on earth?
That's like having a lot of children and asking to choose a favourite! It's impossible! I do love the South Coast, Byron Bay, British Virgin Islands, the coast of Croatia, Tuscany, Paris...

Whats next on your bucket list?
I want to visit Kerala in India.

Favourite Banjo pieces?
Gosh I love the Surfer Crew and Beach Pants! The best travel outfit ever hands down! 

Where can we find you online? and


Tanja wears the Surfer Crew in Black and the Beach Pants in Black