The Cable Knit Edit. Posted on 30 Mar 16:19 , 0 comments

Soft, warm and luxurious, the cable knit is a comfort blanket you can wear and it also offers some serious style credentials too. Cable knit sweaters have been a classic trend rooting back from the maritime days and have since then turned into a stable piece found in almost every stylish woman’s closet. One of many things we love about cable knit sweaters is the functionality behind the weaving (did you know that the weave helps insulate heat?) along with the patterned details crafted from cable knitting. 

The classic Cable is cosy, casually elegant, well-crafted and reminiscent of nanas knitting plus it's one of Winter’s biggest and most necessary trends it will be key in your Winter wardrobe.  It's as perfect on the city streets as it is in the countryside, retaining an air of refinement due to its monochromatic style and simplicity, so if there's one sweater that we’d recommend you purchasing this winter the cable knit sweater is a must-have. See our Cable inspirations below xx 

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